About Coinfarm.online

coinfarm.online is a cryptocurrency derivatives data platform operated by Tera Farm ltd. From its launch in May 2018, coinfarm.online has been used by 800,000+ cryptocurrency investors globally.

We collect and analyze key data points from major margin investment exchanges around the world and provide easy to understand graph visualizations.

For users in over 20 countries, coinfarm.online is a pivotal tool for their margin trading success. The current coinfarm.online platform accumulates and analyzes the trading data of major exchanges through a live database, and can connect to exchange APIs to trade directly. It also provides an advanced signal system that informs users of investment changes through sound alerts.

The explosive growth of the cryptocurrency derivatives trading market is already far exceeding the cryptocurrency trading market.

The CFO Token will enable coinfarm.online to evolve into a hub for information and transactions in the growing derivatives market. Through implementation of the CFO Token, coinfarm.online 2.0 is set to take a strong foothold in this new and exciting market.

Core Values

Coinfarm.online 2.0 will deliver three major points of value to investors and the market:


1. Information Integration & Simplification

We integrate a wide range of cryptocurrency derivative data sources in order to provide the most concurrent and accurate analysis of the live cryptocurrency market. We then simplify this complex data into easy to understand graphs and recommendations to help you make better investment decisions.


2. Investment Hub

Our Investment Hub enables simple and direct trading with major derivative exchanges through a single interface. Many exchanges are diversifying their offerings to include derivatives and commodities trading, but understanding the details of each offering can be confusing for investors. The Investment Hub allows users to compare various products and choose the right exchanges to meet their particular needs, all easily managed in one place.


3.Collective Community Intelligence

The Coinfarm.online community is the center of real-time collective intelligence where members can generate and consume live trading information.

Investors are defined as either a ‘leader’ or a ‘follower’. Leaders with excellent insights and track records can disclose their trade position information to share investment strategies with followers. This sharing of information creates unique communities within the larger whole, and allows for a living collective of insights and shared knowledge within specific investment categories.

CFO Token Economics

The CFO Token will be an important incentive for our platform users and community participants. The core value provided by Coinfarm.online will be expressed through the CFO Token, the cryptocurrency that will be used within the platform, and that will power its long-term sustainability.

CFO Token Supply

Users of the platform can share their investments with the community, which is then accessible in the investor database, resulting in a continuous cycle of data enrichment. The CFO Token is used to reward information providers, and functions as an incentive for platform users to share their investment data with the community.

Investors can publicly open their own real-time positions, then compete to earn CFO Tokens through the investor community. Thanks to these CFO Token prizes, all community members can benefit from real-time position information, and outstanding traders who generate the highest profit can be easily uncovered and followed.

Users who share investment information and contribute to communities can also be rewarded through the CFO Token. Enthusiastic participants will earn CFO Tokens in proportion to their activities.

Community leaders not only receive CFO Tokens for their direct contributions, but can also gain CFO through the contributions of their group’s members, based on the size of their contribution in proportion to the platform as a whole.

CFO Token Demand

Coinfarm.online allows users to directly trade on major exchanges through API integrations, and the related trading commission fees can be paid through CFO Tokens earned through the above-mentioned community rewards program.

Long term, this Investment Hub will incentivize use of API trading, which will generate increased CFO demand, leading to a rise in the value of the CFO Token. The trading advantages provided by the platform will promote investor interest in joining the community and in earning CFO Tokens, which will lead to quantitative and qualitative growth of the platform.

In total, the CFO Token will be used in a variety of ways. It will be used to lower the commission fees of API transactions, and to purchase premium trade signals along with other paid features. Additionally, it will be used to ensure the growth and sustainability of our community through our reward programs.

CFO Token Information

  • Symbol : CFO
  • Protocol : ERC 20
  • Total Issue volume : 10,000,000,000 CFO
  • Sales allocation : 30% (3,000,000,000 CFO)

Token Allocation



2019 Q4
2020 Q1
2020 Q2
2019 Q4
CFO Token issuance  
Launch trading partnerships with large exchange APIs  
Complete development of API trading hub  
Complete first stage of trading information categories  
First exchange listings (1-2)  
2020 Q1
Expand exchange listings (3+)  
Expand API trading hub to 5 exchanges through partnerships  
Launch I’m Leader service  
Add integrated trading history management feature  
Complete development of all Coinfarm.online 2.0 features  
2020 Q2
Expand exchange listings (10+)  
Complete development of index and chart features  
Establish the ‘Research Lab’ and share market reports  


From the Founder

“With a 30 year history of development and engineering experience, I began development of Coinfarm.online in 2017 after seeing the lack of a proper cryptocurrency information platform. As an investor myself, I knew there was a great need in the market for such a service. As market interest in margin trading began increasing, this market also became a key factor in the data we provide.

From May 2018, we saw our platform gain the affection of many traders around the world, and we know we still have much work left to do for our users.

Through our CFO Token, our continued goal is to further build a strong investor community that provides investors with accurate, real-time knowledge to make each trade as safe as possible. To do this globally, we’ve already expanded our team across Asia, including branch offices in Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and the Philippines.”


Ray Heo

founder of Coinfarm.online

Branch Leaders

Korea Korea Leader: Myeongkyun kim
Japan Japan Leader: Choljin Lee
Malaysia Malaysia Leader: Jungho Park
China China Adviser: Yu Wen Hui



  • ico@coinfarm.online